An Apology Long Overdue

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Burma’s former intelligence chief Gen Khin Nyunt greets the late Win Tin, who passed away Monday.

As Burma woke up to the news of the sad death of veteran politician and journalist Win Tin, this photo taken last year came to the minds of many.

The unknown photographer captured an image of former intelligence chief Gen Khin Nyunt, who ran Burma’s torture chambers, walking up to greet Win Tin at the funeral of U Sein Win (also known as Guardian Sein Win) in October 2013.

Win Tin spent almost 20 years in prison, during which time he was tortured and locked up in a small cell. Much of his time in jail was spent in solitary confinement. He did not ask for retribution. But he strongly rejected the former spy chief’s comment that he wanted to be involved in “national politics.” The veteran journalist and activist’s response was: “Enough is enough.”

But on this day when the mourning starts for a truly inspirational leader, we ask: Has there been “enough”? In fact, is it not, at last, time for the military regime’s former intelligence chief to finally apologize?

4 Responses to An Apology Long Overdue

  1. History taught us in many events that outlaws are the heroes of the time. History also taught us that men choose to set their own standard with their own action and society choose to love or loath someone. U Win Tin was a true patriot and inspiration to many young people of Burma. Although in the eyes of power hungry and ruthless people he was the deadliest disease but in the eyes of victims under Burmese military, he was a knight with shining armor. Khin Nyut is nothing to compare to U Win Tin and I doubt that U Win Tin care about Khin Nyut apology. Apology from Khin Nyut will only raise standard of that bastard but nothing will change for U Win Tin. Like I said, some time, out law set higher moral standard than rulers. U Win Tin is loved by many and he will be missed. Lets see when Khin Nyut day is coming, how will people react for his final trip. Doesn’t it give him a thought?

  2. The good men are gone one by one without seeing the new dawn they had been fighting for. I feel so blessed that we had good persons like uncle Win Tin in Myanmar. He fought the good fight for us and suffered for us. He did his part to bring in democracy. His legacy will remain for many generations to come. May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Khin Nyunt will be buried next to his Daddy Ne Win’s grave that eels can consume his decayed body quickly.

  4. May Uncle Win Tin’s sacrifices and sufferings in the path of upholding truth and striving for democracy be a shining example for the new generation of Burmese. He was old and frail yet he put in more than what he got. Young generation of Burmese is more energetic, educated and resourceful, therefore the oppressed and persecuted poor people of Burma would expect them to put in MORE in the cause of democracy, justice and rule of law to prevail in our country.

    At the same time, the new generation of Burmese should despise and hate the characters and evils of Torturer Khin Nyunt, former and current military men and civilians. And, also, strive hard to bring these demons to justice and harsh punishment. This will serve as strong deterrent to future New Wins and Khin Nyunts. No reconciliation, no forgive and forget, no forget the past, move forward and build the future policies and motto here. How can and why should we allow them to walk away freely after committing so much brutal crimes and destruction of lives of one or two generations of Burmese people as a whole? If the Burmese people let them walk away freely, it means the Burmese people did not have it enough yet and are asking for more Ne Wins and Khin Nyunts!!!!

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