2 Burma Army Soldiers Accused of Rape in Kachin State

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Burmese soldiers take part in a military parade marking the country’s Armed Forces Day at a parade ground in the capital Naypyidaw in 2008. (Photo: AP)

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said it has obtained information alleging that two Burma Army soldiers raped a 17-year-old girl in Kachin State last month. The commission said no action has been taken against the alleged rapists despite complaints by the victim.

On April 10, the girl from Daingan village, located close to the town of Bhamo, rode her motorbike to search for her family’s missing cattle when she was stopped by two soldiers on the road. They forced her to drive to an abandoned farm house, where they allegedly held and raped her throughout the night, AHRC said in a statement released Tuesday.

The next morning the soldiers drove her to the town of Bhamo, but when a tire of the motorbike punctured she managed to escape. Soon after, her family filed a complaint at Dotponeyan Police Station and the victim underwent a medical examination, the commission said.

“However, one month after the incident, the police revealed that they had not yet opened a case against the alleged perpetrators. They said that although they identified one as Private Aung Naing Soe, the army had not cooperated and they could not identify the other,” AHRC said, adding that Aung Naing Soe had been stationed at Battalion of Engineering No. 914.

The Burma Army has stationed tens of thousands of troops in Kachin State in order to fight the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in the three-year long conflict in northern Burma.

Government troops have been frequently accused of committing human rights abuses against local civilians in the region, but AHRC said “the military has long enjoyed impunity for offences committed against civilians, and despite recent political changes, prosecutions of errant soldiers are extremely rare.”

A Burmese women’s group said in January that the Burmese military is still using rape as a weapon of war, with more than 100 women and girls raped by soldiers since 2010.

4 Responses to 2 Burma Army Soldiers Accused of Rape in Kachin State

  1. We the ethnics do not expect justice from this evil regime. The soldiers who killed a young man in pyay town are still free men. This regime is the same one from the same old one except its costume. Green uniform and civilian costume are the only difference. Rape will keep happening everywhere. If they kill their own peoplr, there is no hope for peace in the land of ethnics.

  2. actually Army means not to rape his/her people istead he/she must proted the own man and women .But myanmar country Govt. had been leading and making wich is not to do.The meaning armie is like a fancing for coutry.

  3. If Military boss Min Aung Hlaing didn’t take serious about accuse of rape against his soldiers and then we must question Gen Min Aung Hlaing about the integrity of the Army he lead.

    If the victim was Gen Min Aung Hlain or Northern Commander Brig Gen Tun Tun Naung’s child and then they will kill whoever committed rape crime on their daughter.

    Army is practicing double standard and the leader does not have any sympathy on victim’s suffering and her welfare. There’s no justice for ethnic minorities peoples in their own land under Burmese Army control.

    The crime was committed on under age girl from ethnic minority and crime committed by Burmese Army Soldiers who are under care of Northern Commander Brig Gen Tun Tun Naung.
    Police has no power to arrest rapist soldiers because Army does not co-operate with Police investigation on allege rape against its soldiers.
    Army is protecting rapists and does not care about under age welfare. It’s shame.
    Today Army is barely reflecting integrity and guide of Army which Bogyoke Aung San formed 70 years ago.

    Army reputation was still received respect from peoples even under former dictator Ne Win.
    Army reputation was totally destroyed by former dictator Than Shwe.
    Now Army is place for rapists, thieves and criminals to refuge.

    How can Burmese peoples trust today Army with bad reputation?

    I have no doubt about Army officers’ untouchable status in Burma if Police can not arrest even low rank rapist soldiers.

    Today, I challenge integrity of Army Gen Min Aung Hlaing was leading from here.
    Please, show us you’re sincerity and you’re not power monger.
    The Army you lead was not above the law and take action against criminals who are taken refuge in Army.
    Take victim as your daughter and think about her physical and psychological trauma experience committed by your soldiers.

    Gen Min Aung Hlaing must know what is wrong and what is right.
    I urge Gen. Min Aung Hlaing and Northern Commander Brig Gen Tun Tun Naung for take action against the soldiers who committed crime.

  4. Burmese soldiers even rape mentally challenged women and married women. It is not a new thing in burma. This military regime has no human’s heart. Like father like son, soldiers keep violating human rights and committing serious crimes. Unless democratically elected government is installed, the relic from military dictatorship will keep happening in the land. Cosmetic change will not bring much positive results but sufferings. Unwanted and hated regime will lead us nowhere but same suffering and death. That’s why people still look up to Suu kyi. We need genuine democracy that we can put these criminals on trial. Everyone needs to wake up and stand up firmly with Suu kyi and min Ko naing. Ethnics’ leaders cannot do much even for their own. Suu kyi still is the pillar for our bright and peaceful future. God bless Suu kyi.

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